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Equipping Editors for Majority World Publications

Langham Publishing's senior editor, Isobel Stevenson shares about her experience in equipping writers and editors, this time through a workshop in Colombo, Sri Lanka in 2017. There are a lot of elements that come together to produce a valuable book that will impact theological study and bless the body of Christ. That's why, as well as Langham Publishing producing books for the Majority World, Langham Literature has other initiatives to foster excellent resources such as this training.

5 June 2020

An Editing and Writing Workshop in Cameroon

Claire Moore and Isobel Stevenson, two of Langham Publishing's editors, travelled to Yaoudé, Cameroon to facilitate a workshop for editors and writers in Francophone Africa. Excellent biblical resources are scarce in Francophone Africa and supporting Christian publishers, editors and writers is an important role Langham Literature plays in fostering contextually relevant, evangelical books for the Majority World church.

27 April 2020

An Overview of South African Church History

Kevin Roy, author of The Story of the Church in South Africa, gives a short and insightful overview of South African church history highlighting the key stages and influences on the development of the church in the rainbow nation. The history of the church in South Africa falls into three distinct periods and understanding each of these will help in understanding and assessing the churches in South Africa today.

21 April 2020

Megan Pritchard - Staff Profile

Megan Pritchard joined Langham Publishing in September 2019 as a production coordinator and we at Langham Publishing are thrilled to welcome her to the team. Megan is already fitting in well and making valuable contributions to developing our young publishing house. Read about her favourite book, background in selling books and a publishing degree and more in this staff profile.

25 September 2019

Society for the Study of Theology – Engaging New Audiences

This month, Langham Publishing had the privilege of attending the annual conference of the Society for the Study of Theology. The Society exists to promote excellence in the study of Christian Theology by faciliating and shaping theological thought, conversation and community and is for anyone with graduate-level interest in theology. The conference affects a broad spectrum of theologians not just from the UK, but from Europe, the US and as far afield as Australia. This year the topic was "Grace and Theology."

30 April 2019