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A New Testament Commentary to Cross Divides

A great deal of biblical scholarship is written for academics and fails to edify readers or strengthen their Christian ministry. Yet, Christians need to be nourished by the word of God so they can mature in faith and righteousness. Filling this gap, The Branch Exposition of the Bible is a resource for preachers, scholars, and everyday Christians alike, to help open God’s word and shed its light into life, ministry and teaching.

24 September 2020

Making a Cultural Connection

The culture we come from can sometimes hinder us and sometimes help us in our understanding of the Bible. But always our culture is something that requires us to view with a biblical perspective. Last month, Langham Scholar Hann Tzuu Joey Tan from Malaysia had his book The Beasts, the Graves, and the Ghosts published with Langham Monographs and explains to Kay Carter, the task of relating the Gospel to Chinese culture.

29 June 2020