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Making a Cultural Connection

The culture we come from can sometimes hinder us and sometimes help us in our understanding of the Bible. But always our culture is something that requires us to view with a biblical perspective. Last month, Langham Scholar Hann Tzuu Joey Tan from Malaysia had his book The Beasts, the Graves, and the Ghosts published with Langham Monographs and explains to Kay Carter, the task of relating the Gospel to Chinese culture.

29 June 2020

Havilah Dharamraj – Author Spotlight

There are hurdles every step of the way in academic and church leadership, both in the journey to leadership and in the exercise of that leadership. It's not a calling for many.

Seminary is hard work, and getting a PhD even tougher, as well as the challenge of financing your theological education. And many PhD graduates struggle to find employment in academia.

As an Indian woman, Havilah Dharamraj had to deal with all of this and more in her journey to where she is today as she humbly followed God's gradual guidance which led her to be an Old Testament scholar who can benefit her church and a seminary leader as the Academic Dean at SAIACS. Read how God has led Dr Dharamraj through this journey in her own words.

27 February 2020

Rhodian Munyenyembe - Author Spotlight

Rhodian Munyenyembe has found that the path God has led him along in his academic career is a unique one. He was offered a lecturing position before graduating from what is now the Evangelical Bible College of Malawi. Later, while an elder of a church in the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian, he never expected to be offered a post from a Catholic university to teach Biblical and Religious Studies.

27 September 2019

Author Spotlight – Athena Gorospe

Athena Gorospe, author of Judges and editor of How Long, O Lord? is dedicated to living out Jesus's concern for the marginalised and working with people at the grassroots.

In her life and work, whether counselling typhoon survivors, managing academic paperwork, protesting extrajudicial violence, advocating women's rights, or analysisng the Old Testament – Athena calls us to consider how we will answer Christ's challenge "if you have done it to the lease of my siblings, you have done it to me."

26 June 2019