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Tackling Trauma: In Ukrainian Perspective

Earlier this year, the Ukrainian translation of Tackling Trauma was published in cooperation with the Eastern European Institute of Theology (Lviv, Ukraine). By the beginning of summer, two print runs had sold out, and interest in the book continues to grow. We spoke to several pastors and theologians who shared their experiences and further prospects for using the book in ministry with Ukrainian survivors of war.

13 July 2023

The Heart of Christian Ministry: Why I Wrote 'Leadership or Servanthood?'

Author Hwa Yung explains the reasoning behind his new book, Leadership or Servanthood? Walking in the Steps of Jesus. This powerful work calls into question the Church's emphasis on leadership and leadership training. 

10 November 2021

The Missiology Behind the Story Review

Keith Fraser-Smith reviews The Missiology Behind the Story, a book that is full of optimism, reversing the long-held pessimism of dwindling Christian communities in the Middle East. Indigenous ministries, leadership training and the growth in numbers of those coming to faith from non-Christian backgrounds is transforming a once bleak picture. Find out more about this timely book that provides a wealth of stimulating reading here.

30 November 2020

Equipping Editors for Majority World Publications

Langham Publishing's senior editor, Isobel Stevenson shares about her experience in equipping writers and editors, this time through a workshop in Colombo, Sri Lanka in 2017. There are a lot of elements that come together to produce a valuable book that will impact theological study and bless the body of Christ. That's why, as well as Langham Publishing producing books for the Majority World, Langham Literature has other initiatives to foster excellent resources such as this training.

5 June 2020

Why I Wrote 'Transforming Theological Education'

Perry Shaw, author of Transforming Theological Education: A Practica Handbook for Integrative Learning explains the story of how one of Langham Publishing's top selling titles came to be a book – a book that answered his own vocational crisis and that has had a growing impact in theological colleges around the globe.

28 November 2019

Author Spotlight – Athena Gorospe

Athena Gorospe, author of Judges and editor of How Long, O Lord? is dedicated to living out Jesus's concern for the marginalised and working with people at the grassroots.

In her life and work, whether counselling typhoon survivors, managing academic paperwork, protesting extrajudicial violence, advocating women's rights, or analysisng the Old Testament – Athena calls us to consider how we will answer Christ's challenge "if you have done it to the lease of my siblings, you have done it to me."

26 June 2019

Author Spotlight – Imad Shehadeh

Imad Shehadeh is author of God With Us and Without Us, Volume 1, here he shares some significant aspects of his life and journey with the triune God.

5 February 2019