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Reflections On Our Times

Gordon Showell-Rogers reflects on the current golobal situation and how amidst the lament and the appropriate silence, the church has an opportunity to do what Jesus’s people are called to do at all times and in all places – namely, to draw near to God and to make him known in deed as well as in word.

3 May 2020

Coronavirus: The Hidden Enemy

Where is God in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic? Bryson Arthur, as an author of a book devoted to the issue of suffering, is well-placed to offer solace to those struggling mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually from the impact of the world's current number one foe. And solace can be had, and it is found only in that place of ultimate worship of the triune God – the cross of Jesus Christ. We can even begin to learn some of the answers in our search for meaning in this time of global crisis.

29 April 2020