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How Does Spiritual Formation Take Place?

Michael Kuhn, author of In Quest of the Rock, reflects on the process of spiritual development in the relationship between Jesus and Peter.

16 August 2022

Chawkat Moucarry on 'Islam on Trial'

Chawkat Moucarry, author of Islam on Trial, introduces his new book, its content and the story behind its development.

19 May 2022

The Heart of Christian Ministry: Why I Wrote 'Leadership or Servanthood?'

Author Hwa Yung explains the reasoning behind his new book, Leadership or Servanthood? Walking in the Steps of Jesus. This powerful work calls into question the Church's emphasis on leadership and leadership training. 

10 November 2021

The Church’s Role in the Midst of Crisis

The COVID-19 crisis, like all crises, will fall more heavily on the poor and disadvantaged. Real positive social, cultural, political, economic, and even environmental change can only take place if the church is faithful to its calling as the voice, hands, and feet of God's redeeming and reconciling grace. David Boan and Josh Ayers explain about their experiences helping churches bless their community and the things they have learned along the way.

30 March 2020

An Antidote for Toxic Leadership

Purple has long been a colour that denotes wealth and power in societies across the ages and the globe. But at the book launch for Give Up the Purple, Lidstone explained the pitfalls of holding onto ‘the purple’ of power and prestige in leadership within God’s kingdom and the contrasting examples we are set in the Bible through Paul, and of course Jesus himself.

26 January 2020