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Living with Disability & COVID-19

Bridget Hathaway and Flavian Kishekwa have worked together for many years in the field of disability in the community and over time have seen a positive change of attitude towards people with disabilities, with a greater awareness of their ability rather than focusing on the prefix of dis.

However, if a COVID-19 outbreak occurs and the question arises “Who shall I treat with our precious resources?” the answer may not be favourable for those with disability.

30 July 2020

The Need for a Public Theology (in Africa)

What is the relationship between faith and public life? Specifically, how does religion impact how we live as Christians in religiously and culturally diverse societies? These questions are as prescient as ever with the outbreak of COVID-19, and the answers are ever so slightly different depending on the context being addressed. It is important for these questions to be addressed in every context and the contexts across Africa are no different.

28 May 2020

Who Do You Say I Am? Christology in Africa

Earlier in March, prior to the lockdowns and preventative measures to battle the spread of COVID-19, over one hundred theologians came together for the 10th annual conference of the Africa Society of Evangelical Theology (ASET). Read about the gathering, the tributes to John Mbiti and papers on Christology from African theologians.

30 March 2020