6 Langham Books You May Have Missed in 2022

6 Langham Books You May Have Missed in 2022
21 December 2022

2022 was a busy year for us.


We released 45 books and the year ahead is looking just as busy. With so many books released, it's hard to keep track of everything you might enjoy.

Here are 6 Langham titles you may have missed in 2022.

1. Exploring the Old Testament in Asia

Edited by Jerry Hwang and Angukali Rotokha 

Exploring the Old Testament in Asia is the first evangelical Old Testament textbook written both from and for an Asian cultural context. Rooted in the theological conviction that God still speaks through the Old Testament in all its fullness, the twelve essays in this book address key theological issues pertinent to the diverse cultures and contexts of Asia. The result is a theological contribution that is both contextually relevant and biblically faithful.



Exploring the Old Testament in Asia


Endangered Moral Values

2. Endangered Moral Values

by Sunday Bobai Agang

The erosion of moral values on a global scale has left nations vulnerable to greed, power, and violence as the shaping forces of culture. In the absence of an ethical foundation, corruption reverberates through public life, destabilizing countries and undermining human flourishing. Examining the many challenges facing Nigeria in the twenty-first century, Dr. Agang suggests that his homeland is experiencing just such a crisis – one rooted not in religion, economics, or politics but rather an eroding moral foundation.




3. Missions in Southeast Asia

Edited by Kiem-Kiok Kwa and Samuel Ka-Chieng Law

In this collection of essays, contributors from throughout the region reflect on the history and future of Christianity in Southeast Asia, providing an overview of missions in the region, and exploring how local churches are defining a uniquely Southeast Asian approach to interreligious engagement. From ethnic and religious conflict resolution to navigating hybrid identities, this books makes an excellent contribution to global conversations surrounding the future of missions in a globalized world.



Missions in Southeast Asia


Faith That Indigenizes

4. Faith That Indigenizes

by Marcelo Vargas A. 

In this important work, Dr. Vargas explores the interplay between Neo-Pentecostalism and Aimaran indigenous identity in La Paz, Bolivia, identifying how the integration of the two has led to social, political, and economic transformation. This study offers insight into the growing impact of the Neo-Pentecostal movement, both in Latin America and beyond, as well as the significant role of indigenous peoples in shaping the future of Christianity across the globe.




5. Integration

by David C. Wright

The call for integration in theological education is a call for theological training that reverberates through the whole person: from the head, to the heart, to the hands. In this book, Dr. David C. Wright provides a powerful biblical and pedagogical framework for holistic learning, exploring current approaches to integration through the lens of Paul’s letters to Timothy and Titus.





The Plot of Salvation

6. The Plot of Salvation

by Bernardo Kyu Cho

When we fail to grasp the overarching plot of the Bible, we inevitably reduce the gospel to something smaller than it is – and simultaneously compromise the scope of our own lives and callings. In this collection of twenty interrelated sermons, Dr. Bernardo Cho lays out the history of salvation as communicated through the entirety of Scripture, from creation to new creation.