Rhodian Munyenyembe - Author Spotlight

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Rhodian Munyenyembe - Author Spotlight
27 September 2019

Rhodian Munyenyembe has found that the path God has led him along in his academic career is a unique one. He was offered a lecturing position before graduating from what is now the Evangelical Bible College of Malawi. Later, while an elder of a church in the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian, he never expected to be offered a post from a Catholic university to teach Biblical and Religious Studies. Currently, he is teaching theology at Mzuzu University, a state institution in Malawi, during which period he undertook his PhD studies, supported by Langham Scholars, and his PhD thesis was published by Langham Monographs today.

It is this favoured journey that contributes to Dr Munyenyembe seeing God’s hand on his life and work, placing him in specific roles at specific times for God’s divine purposes. Pursuing an Elusive Unity by Rhodian MunyenyembeThe journey has been a favoured one because not everyone finds themselves accepted in such varied theological circles and denominational traditions – due to no fault of their own. Wherever in the world we find ourselves, we will know of church divisions that exist, often accompanied by discord, but Rhodian’s story is a reminder of the unity that can also often be found between starkly different groups within the body of Christ and in wider society. It is fitting then that Dr Munyenyembe’s book is entitled Pursuing an Elusive Unity and examines the nature, composition and history of his own denomination, the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian in relation to its unity, cohesion and church life.

We are well aware of Jesus’s words in John 13:35: “By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another” (ESV). We are also well aware of how our own actions can diminish that knowledge through lack of love. This is why at Langham we are so pleased to see one of our Scholars, and now author too, helping their church to better understand this important dimension of unity in their own context.

Order Pursuing an Elusive Unity: A History of the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian as a Federative Denomination (1924–2016) online today.