Keswick Convention 2021

1 August 2021

As the UK experiences some hot weather, Christians once again return to the Keswick Convention, located in the small Lake District town of Keswick in Northwest England. This is an exciting year for the Convention. Not only is it now possible to physically meet again, this Convention marks the ongoing refurbishment and increasing use of a new site in the town, which was purchased by Keswick Ministries in 2015. The ministries of Langham and Keswick have long been closely connected, and this year sees several ministry staff, past and present, involved. As we enter the third and final week at Keswick here are some highlights to look out for.


Federico Villanueva

After speaking last year from his native Philippines on the Psalms of Lament, Rico Villanueva, Langham Literature’s Regional Commissioning Editor in Asia, returns to the Convention (virtually). Rico will lead three seminars this week on the book of Lamentations. In these seminars, Rico will show us how Lamentations provides the church with a model for how to process loss, failure and defeat in light of God’s faithfulness. You can catch these seminars live at the Convention during Week 3, as well as online. Find out more in the Seminar section over at the Convention website.

Rico has published several books on the subject of lament with us:

Mark Meynell

This week Mark Meynell will be providing the Bible readings. Mark works as Langham Preaching’s Europe and Caribbean director. Mark is no stranger to Keswick, having spoken at the Convention previously. This year he will be speaking on "Hosea: The Surprising Compassion of God." In true Langham Preaching style, Mark will delve deep into the text to uncover the jewels of God’s grace that are found beneath page and paragraph. This expository, keep-your-Bible-open style of preaching is one that has been championed by Langham and Keswick Ministries alike for decades. Find out more in the Bible Readings section over at the Convention website.

Mark has also written a book, published by Langham, on reading and preaching the New Testament


Jonathan Lamb

Keswick Ministries’ Minister-at-Large previously served as Director of Langham Preaching. Jonathan still works as a training facilitator for the preaching ministry. He has already spoken at this year’s Keswick Week 1 Wednesday evening celebration (the recording of which can be found here). Jonathan has written a series of books (with one volume from Langham’s Global Ambassador and Ministry Director, Chris Wright) designed to equip preachers with practical suggestions on how to preach from various biblical texts. These are valuable resources for preachers as well as small groups.