Equipping Editors for Majority World Publications

Equipping Editors for Majority World Publications
5 June 2020

In late October 2017, I reluctantly set off to Sri Lanka. It was not that I had any objections to going there, but the workshop at the Colombo Theological Seminary (CTS) dovetailed with my commitments in other parts of the world, with the result that I would be on the road for seven weeks in a wide range of climates. But I had promised to go, and so I went.

I am so glad I did! At that writers’ workshop in Colombo, God led me to a gifted writer and editor who has now worked with me on a book by the Lebanese pastor Hikmat Kashouh, Following Jesus in Turbulent Times: Disciple-Making in the Arab WorldThat book will be a blessing to pastors in the Middle East and to pastors in the West who want to reach out to Muslims in their communities.

Following Jesus in Turbulent Times

James, Asia Bible Commentary Series

A Duck to Water!

Next, Tanya and I tackled a commentary on James that is going to be published by the Asia Theological Association.  Commentary editing is difficult because you have to pay attention to the biblical text, the authors of the commentary, the potential readers of the book, and the requirements of the publisher. Tanya took to it like a duck to water! This too is an answer to prayer, for the ATA needs an Asian editor to edit their Asian commentary series.

Low profile but critically important work like editor training is essential to promote the publishing of excellent theological resources in places like Sri Lanka (and across the Majority World). 

A Message of Thanks

At the end of that project, Tanya sent me an email:

It's amazing how that one meeting at CTS (for something quite different) led to this new avenue, which I find I enjoy very much!

Not to mention that your workshop also sparked my own book-writing – my book on marriage is now done as far as the writing goes, and is now in the midst of the process of sorting out publication details [with a Sri Lankan publisher].  Hoping it will be ready around November! So, another thank you to you for that, too!

Those thanks should also go to all the Langham supporters who made it possible for me to conduct the workshop at CTS and to spend many hours working with Tanya and giving her feedback.

This month, she is embarking on her first solo flight as an editor! Way to go, Tanya!