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How the Imprecatory Psalms Help Us Cope with the Pain of the Past

Maggie Low shares a testimony of an abused victim she has been councelling through the psalms of vengeance and how pain can be let out through God's Word. 

8 September 2023

Timothée Joset on Growing in Christ through IFES Ministry

Timothée Joset shares about his recently published book on the history of IFES, and how joining the organisation shaped his journey in life.

12 August 2023

Tackling Trauma: In Ukrainian Perspective

Earlier this year, the Ukrainian translation of Tackling Trauma was published in cooperation with the Eastern European Institute of Theology (Lviv, Ukraine). By the beginning of summer, two print runs had sold out, and interest in the book continues to grow. We spoke to several pastors and theologians who shared their experiences and further prospects for using the book in ministry with Ukrainian survivors of war.

13 July 2023

Corneliu Constantineanu: A bridge-builder and a hardworking visionary

As we come together to launch and celebrate the Central and Eastern Bible Commentary, we cannot help but feel sadness that our friend, and general editor of the project, Corneliu Constantineanu, is not here to join us. However, we know that he is celebrating and giving thanks to God with us, alongside our Lord.

In remembrance of Corneliu, we sat down with longtime friends and colleagues, Marcel Măcelaru and Peter Pener, who shared some personal reflections with us.


12 March 2023

Landmark One-Volume Bible Commentary from Central and Eastern Europe Launched

Readers of the Bible and followers of Christ can now gain new insights as they study Scripture thanks to a recently launched one-volume commentary on the whole Bible. The Central and Eastern European Bible Commentary (CEEBC) is the result of several years of work from over 100 Bible scholars and theologians from Central and Eastern Europe. Spanning contributions from twenty countries within the region, this is the first work of its kind.

3 March 2023

Partner Spotlight: Asia Theological Association

The Asia Theological Association (ATA) is a body of theological institutions, committed to evangelical faith and scholarship, networking together to serve the Church. The association is guided by a commitment to strengthening interaction, enhancing scholarship, promoting academic excellence, fostering spiritual and ministerial formation, and mobilizing resources to fulfil God's global mission within diverse Asian cultures.

2 March 2023

6 Langham Books You May Have Missed in 2022

Happy New Year! 2022 was a busy year for us. We released 45 books and the year ahead is looking just as busy. With so many books released, it's hard to keep track of everything you might enjo

21 December 2022

The Old Testament from Asian Perspectives

Jerry Hwang, author of Contextualization and the Old Testament and co-editor of Exploring the Old Testament in Asia, reflects on the importance and impact of contextualizing the Old Testament.

12 October 2022

Arabic Edition of 'God With Us and Without Us' Released

A launch event has been held at the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary in Beirut, Lebanon for the release of the Arabic translation of God With Us and Without Us, Volumes One and Two, by Imad N. Shehadeh.
5 September 2022

How Does Spiritual Formation Take Place?

Michael Kuhn, author of In Quest of the Rock, reflects on the process of spiritual development in the relationship between Jesus and Peter.

16 August 2022

Towards a Global Theology of Children

Nativity Petallar, editor and contributor of God's Heart for Children, explains the motivations behind this new book and the major differences with its predecessor. 

11 July 2022

How Can Preachers Connect with Their Listeners?

John Woods traces the development of his recently-released book, God Is in the House, from Langham Preaching Resources.

16 June 2022

Chawkat Moucarry on 'Islam on Trial'

Chawkat Moucarry, author of Islam on Trial, introduces his new book, its content and the story behind its development.

19 May 2022

Vulnerable Faith: Why I Wrote 'The God That the Poor Seek'

Rupen Das, author of The God That the Poor Seek, explains the rationale behind his new book and shares some of the experiences that informed its development.

12 April 2022

Perry Shaw on the 2nd Edition of Transforming Theological Education

Perry Shaw, author of Transforming Theological Education, explains the rationale behind the new revised and expanded second edition of the book.
15 March 2022

Living Radical Discipleship Wins CT Book of the Year

John Stott was known for his insistence that Christians must allow their faith to influence every area of their lives. Now a book that continues his legacy of radical discipleship has won a Christianity Today Book Award. Living Radical Discipleship, edited by Laura S. Meitzner Yoder and published by Langham Publishing, was crowned the winner in the ‘Christian Living & Discipleship’ category.

16 December 2021

The Heart of Christian Ministry: Why I Wrote 'Leadership or Servanthood?'

Author Hwa Yung explains the reasoning behind his new book, Leadership or Servanthood? Walking in the Steps of Jesus. This powerful work calls into question the Church's emphasis on leadership and leadership training. 

10 November 2021

Join Langham Preaching in Reading 'God's Word for Today's World', by John Stott

Langham Preaching invites you to join with its preaching clubs globally in reading God's Word for Today's World and to gather with others to a) watch each introductory video; b) engage with the questions in the discussion guide; and c) pray for each other. This is the perfect opportunity to commemorate the centenary of the birth of John Stott and to be encouraged to keep walking with the word of God in today's world. 

8 November 2021

In Case You Missed It: Rico Villanueva at the Keswick Convention 2021

This year, the Keswick Convention hosted Langham author and Regional Commissioning editor Rico Villanueva (via Zoom) to speak on the book of Lamentations. Rico delivered four seminars, which you can watch here.

10 October 2021