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ISBN: 9781783685011
Imprint: Langham Monographs
Format: Paperback
Dimensions (mm): 229 x 152 x 18
Publication Date: 30/11/2018
Pages: 342
Language: English

Benefaction and Patronage in Leadership

Since antiquity, many have come to view benefaction and patronage in a negative light, largely due to the increasingly immoral motives of those involved in systems that can be exploitative or corrupt. Dr Nathan Joshua provides a counter to this view and instead draws attention to the goodness of godly benefaction and patronage from an African Christian perspective. This is a valuable resource addressing the need for leadership with integrity, and challenging the negative outlook surrounding benefaction and patronage today.

Author Bios

Nathan Nzyoka Joshua

NATHAN NZYOKA JOSHUA earned his PhD in New Testament Biblical Studies from Africa International University (AIU), Nairobi, Kenya. He is a pastor for Africa Inland Church, and currently lectures and serves as the acting Head of Department for Biblical Studies, at AIU. He is the co-author of Restoring the Beauty and Blessing of Ethnic Diversity: A Training Manual on Ethnicity (AIU and ALARM, 2009). Dr Joshua has three children with his wife, Regina.


This work meticulously examines the concept of benefaction and patronage in the Pastoral Epistles in ways that are relevant to the needs of the global church. Anyone who undertakes to understand the communities in Africa will find this work a necessary resource

David Ngaruiya, PhD
Associate Professor and Director of Theological Studies PhD Program,
International Leadership University

Nathan Nzyoka Joshua breaks new ground in the study of the Pastoral Epistles by carefully and responsibly locating them within the ancient practice of benefaction and patronage. His work has added benefit by applying his findings to ecclesial structures in his own East African context. An eye-opening and challenging work.

James C. Miller, PhD
Professor of Inductive Biblical Studies,
Asbury Theological Seminary

Table of Contents

  1. List of Tables
  2. Acknowledgements
  3. Abstract
  4. Abbreviations
    1. Chapter 1
      1. General Introduction and Modern Scholarship on Benefaction and Patronage
        1. 1.1 General Introduction
        2. 1.2 Intended Contribution to Biblical Scholarship
        3. 1.3 Delimitations
        4. 1.4 Methodology
        5. 1.5 Authorship of the Pastoral Epistles
        6. 1.6 Modern Scholarship on Benefaction and Patronage
    2. Chapter 2
      1. Socio-Historical Background of Benefaction and Patronage
        1. 2.1 Introduction
        2. 2.2 Ancient Sources
        3. 2.3 Benefaction and Patronage in the Greek, Roman and Jewish Contexts
        4. 2.4 Conclusion
    3. Chapter 3
      1. Benefaction, Patronage, and Leadership in the Pastoral Epistles Text
        1. 3.1 Introduction
        2. 3.2 Benefaction and Patronage in the Pastoral Epistles
        3. 3.3 Pastoral Epistles Characters as Benefactors and Patrons
        4. 3.4 Humans as Benefactors and Patrons
        5. 3.5 Conclusion
    4. Chapter 4
      1. Influences of African Benefaction and Patronage on Africa Inland Church Leadership
        1. 4.1 Introduction
        2. 4.2 Faith and Moral Character of Church Leaders
        3. 4.3 Management Skill
        4. 4.4 Economic Status
        5. 4.5 Conclusion
    5. Chapter 5
      1. Summary and Conclusions
        1. 5.1 Summary
        2. 5.2 Conclusions
        3. 5.3 Recommendations
  5. Appendix A
    1. Questionnaires
  6. Appendix B
    1. Interviewees for Chapter 4
  7. Bibliography
    1. Primary Sources
    2. Secondary Sources

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