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ISBN: 9781783682706
Imprint: Langham Monographs
Format: Paperback
Dimensions (mm): 229 x 152 x 16
Publication Date: 30/04/2017
Pages: 292
Language: English

Beginning from Man and Woman

Witnessing Christ’s Love in the Family


Engaging with contemporary thought on love and the family, Bernard Wong argues that our notion of love has been deeply influenced by modern technological culture and political ideologies, leading to the detriment of familial relationships. Dr Wong demonstrates how Christian doctrines can be used to critique and resist these ideologies. Through a careful analysis of Christ’s love expressed in his life, death, and resurrection, the author presents a notion of Christ’s love bearing the characteristics of fraternal, incarnational, and unfolding love. These aspects of Christ’s love are pertinent to the relationships between husbands and wives, parents and children, and families and their neighbours. It is through practicing Christ’s love that Christians strengthen their familial relationships and bear witness to Christ in the world.

Author Bios

Bernard K. Wong

BERNARD K. WONG is Associate Dean (Postgraduate) and Assistant Professor of Theological Studies at China Graduate School of Theology (CGST), Hong Kong. He gained his PhD in Christian Ethics from Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary, Illinois, USA. Dr Wong began pastoral ministry as Assistant Pastor of Christian and Missionary Alliance Yau Tong Church, Hong Kong, before moving into the ministry of theological education, and is now Adjunct Pastor at the same church. Prior to his theological studies he had a career in engineering having studied Chemical Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, USA.


Aiming to articulate a Christian vision of marriage and the household, Dr Wong does not shy away from the hardest and most perplexing questions, and his constructive vision of the family as a school of love deserves attention and careful consideration.

Gilbert Meilaender, PhD
Senior Research Professor, Valparaiso University

Beginning from Man and Woman is an important contribution to the literature on Christian marriage and family. Bernard Wong tackles many vital issues in a direct, forthright, and engaging manner, offering invaluable critical and constructive insight. This is a must read for anyone who takes seriously the theological and moral significance of the family, especially as a witness to Christ’s love.

Brent Waters, PhD
Director of Stead Center for Ethics and Values,
Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary

Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1
    1. Introduction
      1. 1.1 From the Beginning
      2. 1.2 Marriage in the Contemporary World
      3. 1.3 A Christian Response
      4. 1.4 Chapter Outline
  2. Chapter 2
    1. Uniformity between Man and Woman
      1. 2.1 Farley: Personhood as Self-Transcendence
      2. 2.2 Thatcher: Personhood as Love
      3. 2.3 Sexual Ethics of Farley: Coming Together of Minds
      4. 2.4 Sexual Ethics of Thatcher: Coming Together of Bodies
      5. 2.5 The Gendered Ethics of Farley and Thatcher
      6. 2.6 Theological Assessment
      7. 2.7 Conclusions
  3. Chapter 3
    1. Equal-Regard between Man and Woman
      1. 3.1 Critical Familism and Children
      2. 3.2 Critical Familism and the Democratization of Family
      3. 3.3 Male Problematic and Family Cohesion
      4. 3.4 Family as a Liberal Democracy
      5. 3.5 Theological Assessment
      6. 3.6 Conclusions
  4. Chapter 4
    1. Complementarity between Man and Woman
      1. 4.1 Gender Relationship in Complementarianism
      2. 4.2 Formulation of “Biblical Manhood and Womanhood”
      3. 4.3 Theological Assessment
      4. 4.4 Conclusions
  5. Chapter 5
    1. Love between Man and Woman
      1. 5.1 A Retrospective
      2. 5.2 Dualities of Human Existence as Framework of Gender Relationship
      3. 5.3 Christ’s Love as Moral Vision of Gender Relationship
      4. 5.4 The Moral Vision
      5. 5.5 Conclusions
  6. Chapter 6
    1. Witnessing Christ’s Love: The Ephesian Household Code
      1. 6.1 A Survey of Contemporary Interpretation
      2. 6.2 Interpreted through Christ’s Love
      3. 6.3 Conclusions
  7. Bibliography
  8. Index

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