Caleb Hutcherson

CALEB HUTCHERSON serves as Faculty Development Lead and Lecturer in Historical Theology at the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary, Beirut, Lebanon. After completing his ThM at Dallas Theological Seminary, Caleb and his wife, Nicolette, replanted themselves in Beirut, Lebanon, to partner with the Lebanese Baptist Church in theological education and compassion ministries. Creative experimentation is somewhat of a tradition for Caleb, having grown up in a family that often did things a little differently. His theological mentors all had extensive backgrounds of ministry outside of “Western” frameworks; they encouraged creativity in their classrooms and inspired Caleb to embrace innovation as he came to theological studies. Caleb is currently a PhD candidate at the International Baptist Theological Study Centre at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. His research explores the dynamics of practising theological reflection in Arab-Muslim contexts.

Books by this author

  1. Challenging Tradition
    Challenging Tradition