Dwi Maria Handayani

DWI HANDAYANI, a Langham Scholar, is a graduate of Asia Graduate Theological Seminary, Manila. She has taught at the Bandung Theological Seminary, Indonesia, since 2005 and is also a trainer in the Langham Preaching programme. Her published writing includes Spiritual Formation for Today’s Indonesian Churches through the Psalms of Lament, International Journal for Religious Freedom; Lament Psalms and the Persecuted Churches in Asia, in Light for Our Path: The Authority, Inspiration, Meaning and Mission of Scripture (ATA); and the chapter (co-authored) A Doxological Framework for Interpreting Discrimination, Persecution and Martyrdom in Freedom of Belief and Christian Mission (Regnum Edinburgh Centenary Series).

Books by this author

  1. Challenging Tradition
    Challenging Tradition
  2. Breath and Bone
    Breath and Bone