David Samuel

David Samuel is from Tamil Nadu, India. Ordained a Presbyter of the Church of South India, he worked in the Kanyakumari Diocese. He obtained a BSc in physics and an MA in English, before completing a BD from Union Biblical Seminary, Pune (India), an MTh from the United Theological College, Bangalore (India), and a PhD from Kings College, London (England). He has been serving as Director of TAFTEE (The Association For Theological Education by Extension) since 1984. He also serves as President of the Union Biblical Seminary Society and as a Trustee of the South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies. He has also served as Chairman of the Evangelical Fellowship of India, Secretary of the Evangelical Fellowship of India Theological Commission, Chairman of the Christian Institute of Management (Bangalore), and member of the boards of Theological Education of the Senate of Serampore and the Asia Theological Association, India.

Books by this author

  1. TEE for the 21st Century
    TEE for the 21st Century