Patricia J. Harrison

Patricia J. Harrison is an Australian who has been involved in education all her life, and with TEE since studying under Dr. Ralph Winter and visiting the original TEE programme in Guatemala. During an initial career teaching in schools and in training teachers for an Australian university, Patricia also helped pioneer TEE in a rural area, designing a number of courses and serving as a group facilitator. While employed with theological colleges in Australia, she has also taught intensive courses at Fuller Seminary and at theological colleges in other countries. For a number of years Patricia served with the World Evangelical Alliance Theological Commission as a consultant in theological education, and in that capacity has often conducted seminars in curriculum design, teaching methods, and various aspects of TEE for theological colleges and TEE programmes on all continents. She helped to design and deliver Increase’s training for TEE course writers. She has studied at Oxford University, Fuller Seminary, and several Australian universities, and holds graduate degrees in education, theology, missiology, teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL), and ethics. Her PhD was on cross- cultural theological education. Currently semi-retired, she teaches online and supervises dissertations for several theological colleges, including the London School of Theology, in conjunction with Middlesex University.