Melba Padilla Maggay

A writer and a social anthropologist, Melba Padilla Maggay holds a doctorate in Philippine studies, a Master’s degree in English literature, and a first degree in mass communication. A specialist in intercultural communication, she was research fellow on the subject at the University of Cambridge under the auspices of Tyndale House, applying it to the question of culture and theology. She has lectured on this and other cross-cultural issues worldwide, including a stint as Northrup Visiting Professor at Hope College, Michigan, and Visiting Lecturer at All Nations Christian College in England. As founder and longtime director of the Institute for Studies in Asian Church and Culture, she was cited for her outstanding leadership in organizing the evangelical Protestant presence at the EDSA barricades during the February People Power Uprising in 1986. As a social anthropologist, Dr Maggay is resource speaker and consultant on culture, social change, and development issues. A frequent speaker and participant-expert in international conferences, Dr Maggay travels widely and has had cross-cultural experience in over forty countries on all five continents.

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