Freda Carey

Freda Carey, hailing from England, has spent over thirty years in Pakistan working in the field of theological education, the last twenty in the TEE Course Development department of the Open Theological Seminary (OTS), Lahore, which has over 6,000 students studying from basic discipleship courses to master’s level. She also teaches the Bible, Christian doctrine and church history in various residential theological education institutions around Pakistan. Freda first went to Pakistan as a volunteer librarian at a women’s college in Lahore. After completing the Cambridge Diploma in Religious Studies in 1985 through All Nations Christian College, England, Freda returned to teach at the United Bible Training Centre for women in Gujranwala. In 1999, after gaining her Master of Theology in the Study of World Christianity in Edinburgh, she took up a new post in Lahore with the OTS in 2000 and is currently serving as a theological education consultant. She has written one complete course, co- authored another, revised several others, and trained and supervised other course writers for OTS, particularly for the teenagers’ curriculum courses. She is an Increase Equipper and has helped to shape and facilitate the Increase Association’s course writers training workshops.