Paul Cornelius

Paul Cornelius currently serves as the Regional Secretary in India for the Asia Theological Association (ATA). He is involved mainly with accreditation and providing value-added services to member institutions. He also helps in an ATA partnership with Scholar Leaders International on vital sustainability in theological institutions. Over the years, Paul has developed a passion for training “thinking practitioners” for the church and her witness in society. Formerly, Paul and his spouse, Mary, served with Youth for Christ in the city of New Delhi, before furthering his theological studies and engaging with theological education in India. After completing his Master of Theology in New Testament Studies from the South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies (SAIACS) in Bangalore and teaching for a while, he obtained a doctorate in intercultural studies from Fuller Theological Seminary. His spouse, Mary, works in the residential life department at the Kodaikanal International School in South India. They have three adult children.

Books by this author

  1. TEE for the 21st Century
    TEE for the 21st Century