George Bristow

George Bristow is an American who is based in Turkey. He earned his PhD from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Having lived in Istanbul since 1987, he has served since 2009 as coordinator of a theological training network working with churches in Turkey. He is a research fellow with the Institute for the Study of Religion in the Middle East and is the author of Sharing Abraham?: Narrative Worldview, Biblical and Qur’anic Interpretation and Comparative Theology in Turkey and The Promise of God: God’s Unchangeable Purpose through Human History. He is also the author of Sürgün Ve Ötesi: Kutsal Kitaptaki Daniel, Hagay, Zekeriya Ve Malaki Bölümleri Üzerine Yorum, a commentary on Daniel, Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi.

Books by this author

  1. The Religious Other
    The Religious Other