Nabil Habiby

Nabil Habiby is a youth pastor who also works as a Dean of Students at the Nazarene School in Beirut. He is a lecturer in the New Testament at the Arab Nazarene Bible College and an adjunct faculty member and lecturer in the New Testament at Arab Baptist Theological Seminary (ABTS). He is also a part-time doctoral student at the Nazarene Theological College in Manchester, UK, where he is researching the relationship between impurity and demonic spirits and doing a conceptual study on the relationship of the two in the Ancient Near East, the Hebrew Bible and Second Temple Judaism. He is also conducting a narrative-spatial reading of the mentions of “impure spirits” in Mark. He holds a master’s degree from Nazarene Theological College, Manchester.

Books by this author

  1. The Missiology behind the Story
    The Missiology behind the Story
  2. The Religious Other
    The Religious Other