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ISBN: 9781783686438
Imprint: Langham Global Library
Format: Paperback
Dimensions (mm): 229 x 152 x 19
Publication Date: 31/07/2019
Pages: 376
Language: English

Asian Christian Theology

Asian Christian Theology provides a survey of contextually reflective, robustly evangelical theology for students to engage with the core doctrines of Christianity and their outworking in different cultures across Asia. Ideal for use as a companion textbook in Asian seminaries and institutions, this book will also provide excellent further reading for those outside of Asia seeking global theological perspectives, and for those in contexts of significant Asian diaspora.

Author Bios

Timoteo D. Gener
(Edited by)

TIMOTEO D. GENER (Ph.D., Fuller Theological Seminary) is President of the Asian Theological Seminary, Manila, Philippines ( A practitioner of local theology and a distinguished member of the World Evangelical Alliance Task Force on Ecumenical Affairs, he has coedited The Earth is the Lord’s: Reflections on Stewardship in the Asian Setting (2011), published jointly by OMF Lit and Asian Theological Seminary.

Stephen T. Pardue
(Edited by)

STEPHEN T. PARDUE is assistant professor of theology at Asia Graduate School of Theology in the Philippines.


This groundbreaking book, authored by Asians from every part of the vast continent, will be standard reading for every Asian student of theology in the evangelical tradition for years to come. But its importance will inspire Asian evangelical scholars as well, and students and scholars from other ecclesial and theological traditions. Rooted in the tradition of the wider church, it embraces Asian methods and concerns in a generous, responsible, and creative way.

Stephen B. Bevans, PhD
Louis J. Luzbetak, SVD Professor of Mission and Culture,

Catholic Theological Union, Chicago, Illinois, USA

This groundbreaking book is not vaguely Christian nor parochially Asian. It is, rather, the effort of leading Asian theologians to articulate Christian faith in terms that are biblically rooted, committed to historic orthodoxy, contextually engaged, and suffused with evangelical zeal. As we continue in the “Asian Century,” the future of Christianity will be increasingly shaped by Asian Christians such as those writing in this volume. As this book shows, the future is bright because Asian Christianity is theologically rigorous and missiologically driven, something the Western churches would seriously benefit from imbibing. Well done to the editors Timoteo D. Gener and Stephen T. Pardue for assembling such a fine collection of essays by a sterling group of leading Asian theologians of Christ. This book is simply mandatory reading for anyone interested in theology from the global church, missions, cross-cultural ministry, or serving in multicultural settings.

Rev Michael F. Bird, PhD
Academic Dean and Lecturer in Theology,
Ridley College, Melbourne, Australia

Asian Christian Theology: Evangelical Perspectives is a groundbreaking selection of theological reflections from Asia. The sixteen authors represent a wide variety of Asian contexts and include pastors and church leaders as well as seminary professors, offering a historically informed biblical and evangelical take on Asian realities. The first section provides a competent survey of traditional theological themes in biblical and historical perspective. But it is the second section of articles on contextual topics that constitutes the special contribution of this book. Tackling key topics, often by means of compelling case studies – spirits, traditional cultures and identity, interfaith conversations, the public sphere – the authors show the exciting emergence of a truly Asian voice in theology. The editors aim to present a biblical faith for Asian believers; some of us hope and pray this solid presentation of Asian theology will also be read by North American (and European and African) believers. Asian Christian Theology makes an important contribution to that global conversation.

William Dyrness, PhD
Senior Professor of Theology and Culture,
Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, California, USA

It is with enormous pride that I commend this book to you. We find here a much-needed compendium of contemporary evangelical thinking on many of the key theological issues that define Christianity in Asia today. It is a rare privilege to have, in one book, contributions from some of today’s outstanding Asian creative and biblical thinkers. May the insights found here trickle down to the churches and contribute to helping the growing church in Asia to mature in depth, relevance and national influence.

Ajith Fernando, ThM
Teaching Director, Youth for Christ, Sri Lanka

Decentering the dominant strands of the Western theological tradition in the practice of evangelical theology is of utmost importance for its witness to the gospel among the people of every tribe and nation. This volume contributes admirably to that task by offering a rich and compelling collection of essays on a full range of theological topics and concerns from the perspectives of Asian evangelical theologians. As such, it makes a significant contribution to the formation of a global Christian faith that deserves to be widely read and contemplated, particularly by those interested in the future of evangelical theology.

John R. Franke, PhD
General Coordinator, The Gospel and Our Culture Network

Table of Contents

Introduction (Timoteo D. Gener and Stephen T. Pardue)
Part I: Doctrinal Themes

  • 1. Divine Revelation and the Practice of Asian Theology (Timoteo D. Gener)
  • 2. On the Doctrine of Scripture: An Asian Conversation (Havilah Dharamraj)
  • 3. The Trinity in Asian Contexts (George N. Capaque)
  • 4. Christology in Asia: Rooted and Responsive (Ivor Poobalan)
  • 5. Creation, New Creation, and Ecological Relationships (Ken Gnanakan)
  • 6. Lord and Giver of Life: The Holy Spirit among the Spirits in Asia (Wonsuk Ma)
  • 7. Toward An Asian Evangelical Ecclesiology (Simon Chan)
  • 8. Eschatology and Hope in Asia (Roland Chia)
Part II: Contemporary Concerns
  • 9. A Theology of Suffering and Mission for the Asian Church (Kar Yong Lim)
  • 10. Cultural Identity and Theology in Asia (Lalsangkima Pachuau)
  • 11. Jesus and Other Faiths (Ivan Satyavrata)
  • 12. God’s Basileia in Asia’s Res Publica: Situating the Sacred in Asia’s Public Sphere (Aldrin M. Peñamora)
  • 13. Finding Home for the Unhomed: Helping Diaspora Communities Discover Identity and Belonging (Juliet Lee Uytanlet)
  • 14. Hans Frei’s Typology of Theology for Religious Encounters in Asian Contexts (Kang-San Tan)
  • 15. Theology in a Context of Radical Cultural Shift: A Chinese Reflection (Carver T. Yu)
  • 16. Reconciliation and the Kingdom of God: Reflections from the Middle East (Salim J. Munayer)
Index of Names
Index of Subjects
Index of Scripture


George N. Capaque

Simon Chan

Simon Chan (Ph.D., Cambridge) is Earnest Lau Professor of Systematic Theology at Trinity Theological College in Singapore. He is the author of Man and Sin, Pentecostal Theology and the Christian Spiritual Tradition, Spiritual Theology: A Systematic Study of the Christian Life and Liturgical Theology: The Church as Worshiping Community. He is also the associate editor of the Global Dictionary of Theology and the Dictionary of Mission Theology.

Roland Chia

ROLAND CHIA is Dean of Postgraduate Studies and lecturer in historcal and systematic theology at Trinity Theological College, Singapore. He is the author and editor of several books including Revelation and Theology.

Havilah Dharamraj

HALIVAH DHARAMRAJ, PhD (Durham, UK), is the Academic Dean at the South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies, where she teaches Old Testament. She is one of the editors of, and a contributor to, the South Asia Bible Commentary.

Ken Gnanakan

Kar Young Lim

Wonsuk Ma

WONSUK MA (PhD, Fuller Theological Seminary) is a Korean Pentecostal serving as Distinguished Professor of Global Christianity and PhD Program Director at Oral Roberts University, Tulsa, OK, USA. He served as a missionary educator in the Philippines (1979–2006), where he launched Asian Journal of Pentecostal Studies and Journal of Asian Mission. He also served as Executive Director of the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies (2007–16), during which time he led the publication of the thirty-five-volume Regnum Edinburgh Centenary Series. He has also participated in various international mission and ecumenical functions, including the Reformed and Pentecostal (Theological) Dialogue (1997–2005), Edinburgh 2010, Lausanne meetings, and various ecumenical conferences including the World Council of Churches and the Global Christian Forum. He has also participated in networks for theological education, including Global Forum of Theological Educators. His research interests include Old Testament theology, Prophets, the Spirit of God in the Old Testament, contextual theology, Asian Pentecostalism, Pentecostal mission, and global Christianity. He has authored and edited thirteen books, in addition to numerous scholarly writings.

Salim J. Munayer

SALIM J. MUNAYER is executive director and founder of Musalaha Ministry of Reconciliation, which has been bringing Israelis and Palestinians together since 1990 and creating a forum for reconciliation. Salim is a Palestinian-Israeli born in Lod, and received his BA from Tel Aviv University in History and Geography, his MA from Fuller Theological Seminary, and his PhD from the Oxford Center of Mission Studies, UK. He also did graduate studies in New Testament at Pepperdine University. He has published books on reconciliation, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and Christians in Israel and the Palestinian Authority. His most recent work is Through My Enemy’s Eyes: Envisioning Reconciliation in Israel-Palestine (Milton Keynes: Paternoster, 2014) co-authored with Lisa Loden. Salim served as academic dean and professor at Bethlehem Bible College from 1989 to 2008. He is adjunct professor at Fuller Theological Seminary and The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Lalsangkima Pachuau

Aldrin M. Peñamora

Ivor Poobalan

Ivan M. Satyavrata

Ivan Satyavrata serves as Senior Pastor of the assembly of God Church in Kolkata, India. He has played an active role in Christian leadership training and ministerial education, and is currently Board Chair of the Centre for Global Leadership Development (formerly Southern Asia Bible College) in Bangalore, India.

Kang-San Tan

Carver T. Yu

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