The vision of Langham Publishing really excites us and we hope that the more you learn about it, the more excited you too will become.

Our publishing house is a more recent initiative of Langham Partnership. Over several decades Langham’s three main programmes – Preaching, Literature, and Scholars – have been equipping Christian leaders in the Majority World church and the work of Langham Publishing connects significantly with all three of these programmes.

Asian Christian Theology coverScholars from the Majority World were completing their PhD’s and looking for their theses to be published. The usual model of Western academic publishers was not suitable for theologians and Bible scholars from the Majority World in getting their published work back into their home institutions and other markets in the Majority World.

So, Langham responded to this need – by publishing Majority World theology for Majority World readers. We started our publishing journey with Langham Monographs, now relaunched as Langham Academic. This imprint focuses on excellent doctoral research as well as insighful monographs in the areas of Biblical Studies, Theology, Christian History and Missiology. We wanted to ensure that these books could be as affordable as possible in the Majority World, but at the same time uphold scholarly rigour and quality.

Another significant development in our journey was the creation of Langham Preaching Resources. Langham Preaching, which focuses on expository preaching training, needed good quality, contextual books to support its ministry. These publications help grassroots preachers, often without any formal theological qualifications, be godly in character, confident in conviction, faithful to Scripture, clear in presentation and relevant to their audience. These books are unique because they use accessible language and illustrations so they are suitable for preachers in different countries across the Majority World, for whom English or French may not be their first language. 

Langham Publishing now has a third imprint, Langham Global Library, that features a range of books on theology and biblical studies, which address Majority World issues, by Majority World authors or western authors who have been immersed in Majority World contexts.

Langham Partnership had a rich history and involvement in publishing projects even before we started publishing ourselves, notably through involvement with the landmark Africa Bible Commentary– a commentary on the whole Bible by 70 African scholars that interprets the Bible from African perspectives and with articles about topics central to ministry in Africa. Since then the board of the Africa Bible Commentary has entrusted HippoBooks and its French language counterpart, LivresHippo to the management of Langham Publishing. These books have the specific focus of providing African perspectives on theology in the form of textbooks and other resources for students and faculty in theological education.

Today, across these four imprints we publish around 50 books each year. Our own publishing is in English, French and Spanish, and we work with local publishers who are interested in translating our books into other languages. All the books we publish are evangelical in content and meet the highest standard in quality. Our books adhere to the convictions of the Lausanne Movement’s Cape Town Commitment and are reviewed by relevant experts for their subject and context. Langham Publishing is committed to biblical convictions, academic rigour and contextual relevance and therefore, all the books we publish are assessed in these areas through a peer review process.

We are excited by the work of our authors and we give thanks to God for the difference their books make for people like you, our readers. We hope you are excited too!

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