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ISBN: 9781839730696
Imprint: Langham Global Library
Format: Paperback
Dimensions (mm): 229 x 152 x 17
Publication Date: 31/01/2022
Pages: 326
Series: Asia Bible Commentary Series
Language: English

1 & 2 Kings

A Pastoral and Contextual Commentary


1 & 2 Kings provide a history of the kings of Judah and Israel. They detail the engagements between priests and prophets, prophets and kings, and royal court and military commanders on issues such as justice, power, and seeking divine and human guidance in times of war and peace. The narratives in these books tell of God’s activities in the history of the Israelites fulfilling his promises and prophecies. At the same time, they draw our attention to the need to obey God’s laws and commandments. This commentary challenges us to understand the need for healthy interactions and dialogues between religion and politics as well as offering key insights on leadership, governance, worship, and helping those in need.

The Asia Bible Commentary Series empowers Christian believers in Asia to read the Bible from within their respective contexts. Holistic in its approach to the text, each exposition of the biblical books combines exegesis and application. The ultimate goal is to strengthen the Body of Christ in Asia by providing pastoral and contextual exposition of every book of the Bible.

Author Bios

Jesudason Baskar Jeyaraj

JESUDASON BASKAR JEYARAJ is a professor of Biblical Studies and taught in various seminaries. He is an ordained clergy of the Church of South India – Diocese of Madurai and Ramnad. He earned his PhD in Old Testament from the University of Sheffield, UK. He has published several books and articles in journals and is one of the Associate Editors of the South Asia Bible Commentary (ODP/Zondervan, 2015). Currently, he is the Honorary Director of Jubilee Institute in Madurai, organizing seminars for developing leaders and networking with Holistic Child Development educational programmes. He is a life member of the Evangelical Fellowship of India, fellow of Langham Scholars, and a member of the International Association of Mission Studies.


1 & 2 Kings are often regarded as of historical interest and background. However, they are deeply theological. Dr. Jesudason Jeyaraj’s commentary, from a refreshing Asian perspective, helps readers understand the full theological significance of these books and will enable many to study and preach these books fruitfully.

Paul A. Barker, PhD
Bishop, Anglican Diocese of Melbourne

God is at work in the midst of the success and failure of leadership and in frustrations in real life – this is the central message of 1 & 2 Kings. Chaos does not mean God’s absence. This commentary is a theologically rich book that makes a unique contribution to the understanding of our sin and frailty, promise and fulfillment, God’s character and provision, and the plan of redemption being worked out in history. Dr. Jesudason Jeyaraj very convincingly brings this truth through his contemporary and contextual reading of 1 & 2 Kings.

Mani Chacko, PhD
General Secretary, Bible Society of India

Table of Contents

  1. Commentary
    1. Author’s Preface
    2. Series Preface
    3. List of Abbreviations
    4. Introduction
    5. Outline
    6. 1 Kings
    7. 2 Kings
    8. Selected Bibliography
  2. Topics
    1. The Significance of Yhwh
    2. The Hebrew Calendar and the Temple
    3. The Priesthood
    4. A Comparison of the Miracles in 1 & 2 Kings
    5. Secret Christians