• Kwame Bediako

    If we are to take seriously the theological implications of world Christianity, there is no better person to begin consulting than Kwame Bediako. Tim Hartman has done us a tremendous service by composing this meticulous and readable primer to the foremost theologian produced by Africa in the late twentieth century.

    —Dr Alex Chow

    Senior Lecturer in Theology and World Christianity,

    School of Divinity, University of Edinburgh

  • The Wayfarer

    This work makes a defiant claim for the radical nature of God’s identification with those on the margins. A must read!

    —Anthony Reddie

    Director, Oxford Centre for Religion and Culture, University of Oxford

  • Expository Preaching in Africa

    I recommend this book for pastors, theological educators, and all who love preaching God’s word in such a manner that results in salvation and transformation.

    —Zephaniah Victor Madziakapita, PhD
    Regional Director for Africa, International Orality Network


  • Inspired by John Stott

    This volume, like the ever modest giant it commemorates, is simple and yet profound. Those who read and ponder this book will find their spirits encouraged, their minds renewed, and their faith invigorated.

    —Jonathan J. Bonk, OMSC


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Breakfast on the Beach


Breakfast on the Beach

Crafted with care and told with passion, this story of Peter- however familiar- is a page-turner.

—Havilah Dharamraj, PhD

This is a remarkable book: part novel, part biblical exegesis, part discipleship manual.

—The Most Rev. Dr. B. A. Kwashi

It is a compelling work because it does what all Christian books should do- point us to Jesus.

—The Very Rev. Andrew C. Pearson, Jr.

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