• The Wayfarer


    "This book issues a call to use our collective power of Ubuntu towards hope and transformation, while recognizing the God-given image and resource of the stranger in our midst."

    Selena D. Headley

    Community Development, Sociology & Theology Lecturer

    Cornerstone Institute

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  • Galatians

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    "Through a rich and beautiful narrative, this book brings us closer to Paul’s world and straight into the struggles of the early church."

    Dwi Maria Handayani, PhD

    Program Director,

    Bandung Theological Seminary, Indonesia

  • Transforming Church

    "I highly recommend this book and I hope it will be used by the African church in its quest to fulfil God’s mission on the continent."

    Gift Mtukwa, PhD

    Chair of Department of School of Religion and Christian Ministry,

    Africa Nazarene University

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The Wayfarer


Overcoming the World

A powerful resource for dealing with trauma as a Christian community which offers its readers a deeper understanding of the Gospel of John, Christian identity, and the role of suffering in the Christian life.

Yevgeny Ustinovich examines how the Fourth Gospel invites Christ’s followers into this same way of seeing, where the glory of God is found even in the most difficult of circumstances.

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