• 2022 was a busy year for us.

    We released 45 books and the year ahead is looking just as busy. With so many books released, it's hard to keep track of everything you might enjoy.

    Here are 6 Langham books you may have missed in 2022.

  • Asian Christian Ethics

    "This work is Bible-centered while at the same time deeply conscious of and sensitive to the cultural and contextual situation of Asian societies."

    Dr. Felix Wilfred

    Emeritus Professor, State University of Madras, India

  • Exploring the Old Testament in Asia

    "An excellent scholarly yet practical book, offering Old Testament theology from the Asian context for Asian communities, and written mainly by Asian authors."

    Rev. Dr. Patrick Fung

    OMF International

  • Genesis 1–11

    "This commentary on Genesis represents the fruit of deep conversation between the Abrahamic faiths. Accessible to the reader without avoiding challenging issues, it provides a fresh encounter with this foundational biblical text. An engaging read for all."

    Dr. Mark J. Boda

    McMaster Divinity College, Canada

  • God's Heart for Children

    "A valuable resource for anyone who works with children and desires to see them flourish in accordance with God’s will."

    —Rebecca Goropevsek, DMin

    Children's Network Coordinator, World Evangelical Alliance

6 Langham Books You May Have Missed in 2022

Happy New Year! 2022 was a busy year for us. We released 45 books and the year ahead is looking j...

Breakfast on the Beach


Breakfast on the Beach

Crafted with care and told with passion, this story of Peter- however familiar- is a page-turner.

—Havilah Dharamraj, PhD

This is a remarkable book: part novel, part biblical exegesis, part discipleship manual.

—The Most Rev. Dr. B. A. Kwashi

It is a compelling work because it does what all Christian books should do- point us to Jesus.

—The Very Rev. Andrew C. Pearson, Jr.

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